National Science Foundation (NSF) Ranked #1 in OMB Annual FISMA Report

The US Antarctic Program (USAP) Information Security program has a lot to be proud of - NSF was listed as the #1 agency in the federal FISMA program. This article at FCW highlights NSF’s lead in overall metrics: And here is the report itself:

CS1 RBAC Standards - A Computer Science Colloquium at University of Denver (13-Jan 2011)

This talk will be a discussion of the recent standards development activities of the International Committee on IT Standards (INCITS) Role-Based Access Control working group. The context of this discussion will be on challenges in designing and implementing robust Identity and Access Management solutions in small scale and enterprise IT environments.

Publication Update - Vehicular Networking: Survey and Tutorial on Requirements, Architecture, ...

"Vehicular Networking: A Survey and Tutorial on Requirements, Architecture, Challenges, Standards and Solutions" - (G. Karagiannis, T. Weil, et. al.) - Fall Publication in IEEE Communcation Surveys and Tutorials. Pre-release on IEEE Xplore --> This is an international collaboration article, 2+ years in the making. Online journal for future release -->

Around the World with IEEE (2006-2010)

As a 'thank you' to my friends and colleagues in the Washington/Northern Virginia Sections and the COMSOC GLOBECOM committees I have created this slide-show as an appreciation of the programs we have participated in - Around the World with the IEEE DC Section (2006-2010) -

Tim Weil Past Chair IEEE Washington DC Section

IEEE SCANNER Newspaper - Above the Fold (Mostly) - Stories from 2005-2009

In my tenure as Washington DC Editor of the IEEE SCANNER(2005-2007) and AdCom officer (2007-2009) I had the wonderful chance to tour the science, engineering and technology world of IEEE as a roving reporter and editor of this newspaper. My travels took me to Deep Space (NASA), Satellite Communication(InterlSat), the flagship conference of the Telecom industry (GLOBECOM) and beyond.


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